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ME/CFS Symposium at Stanford

Very interesting, gives me hope that we're actually getting somewhere with this illness.

If you don't want to sign up at Stanford, just name and email is required, I think they plan to put it on youtube as well.


M.E. Petiton

If anyone from the UK reads this before 3rd May 2017 please sign:


Thanks :)


My Orchid 2017

It's still alive!


Photos - Butterfly & Flowers

Yesterday afternoon in the back garden.

Butterfly - Cabbage White?

Wild Rose?

Poppies grown from packet of wild flower seeds
The first flower on my Orchid, I'm so glad I haven't killed it off yet! Here's to many more :)

Phalaenopsis Leopard Prince Orchid Phalaenopsis Leopard Prince fully open flower

Phalaenopsis Leopard Prince flower spike to flower