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I’m Blaming the Keyboard

Japanese fan
I was trying to write, “I want to learn Japanese” and ended up with something closer to, “I want to die to learn Japanese”, because I wasn’t paying enough attention when typing up the sentence.

As much as I love Japanese, I don’t think I’m ready to go quite that far yet, no matter what my subconscious thinks, though I might consider a Faustian deal for good health and a better memory!

God only knows what I’d end up with if I tried to write that in Japanese!

I guess I’m just not ready for sentences yet :)

And I still don’t know if either one is correct, because do you conjugate the first verb as well as the irregular “to do – する” with the Base 2 ending? Microsoft Word seems to think so, and is 学び the right "learn" in this case? And what about 学ぶ in the 2nd sentence, should that be changed as well? How do I even put together that last sentence properly? Questions, questions, questions... *sigh*.

わたし は にほんご まなび したいです。
I want to learn Japanese.

わたし は にほんご まなぶ しにしたいです。
I want to die to learn Japanese. (?)

Wild Adapter
I saw this at Wild Adapter and am trying to figure out what it says, mostly because I recognised a couple of the Kanji and thought it would give me a head start... nope, not a chance!


I think it might be something like, “For your sake, someday I’ll die”.
Microsoft (via Word) says, “To my dying day” which I like, and Google, “For my day to die someday”.

This bit, 死ぬ日の僕の, seems to translate as to my dying day by itself, but then what about the rest?

I have no clue, as per usual.

More Photos & Mystery Orchid

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The middle flower is an Orchid, I think. It's probably either the "Northern Marsh" or "Common Spotted" Orchid, but from photographs I've looked at on the internet it seems closer to the Northern Marsh, both show up in my area of the UK.

It's got purple flowers; sturdy green stem (straight); slim green leaves with dark spots (only 2 leaves at the moment); not very tall. First noticed, in flower, in May in one of the plant pots left by the fence, so semi-shade.

Possibilities (from

  • Northern Marsh Orchid;

  • Common Spotted Orchid;

  • Early Marsh Orchid.



A Dove & a Blackbird Walk into a Bar...

... Not really, just a couple of photographs!

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